An Important Update

Dear Home-Designing Community,

For the past 15 years, since our inception in 2008, we’ve journeyed together through the evolving landscapes of interior design, discovering and sharing the beauty that lies within artfully crafted spaces. Our passion for uncovering the most exquisite spaces has been the cornerstone of Home Designing, guiding us to create a platform where design enthusiasts like you can find inspiration and insights.

Today, we stand at a crucial crossroads. You may not know this, but Home Designing is just a 2-person operation. We have one editor and one writer. That is it. And with this lean team, we have brought you content 6 days a week without missing a beat for more than a decade. But the digital world is ever-changing, and recently, our site has faced unprecedented challenges with a significant drop in search traffic—a challenge many in our industry are grappling with. We do not know the reason for this, and it is unlikely we ever will. To sustain our site, we have two paths before us:

A. Increase ads, which we’ve diligently minimized to enhance your experience.
B. Seek alternative monetization methods to sustain our beloved site.

We have chosen not to go the intrusive ad route by avoiding interstitials, sticky ads, and others that downgrade our readers’ experience. Our commitment is to your experience, not to the clutter of intrusive ads. However, with the decline in search traffic, we need to find another way to sustain our platform, and that’s where we need your help.

Introducing The Aesthete: A Weekly Dose of Beautiful Design by Home Designing

Our Substack newsletter, The Aesthete, offers a weekly curated pick of beautiful art, objects, and spaces, delivered directly to your inbox. Embark on a captivating visual odyssey through exquisite interiors, verdant gardens, mesmerizing art, and coveted objects of desire, meticulously curated to indulge your senses and ignite boundless creativity. It’s more than just a newsletter; it’s a community for those who appreciate the finer details of design.

We would be thrilled if you could support us with a subscription to The Aesthete (just $5/month) and to make this experience more rewarding for you, we’ve put together some special offers:

Yearly Subscription Benefits: For just $50/year, not only will you support our mission, but you’ll also receive free access to The Dream Home Kit (currently retailing at $299) along with our popular ebooks, The Book Of Beautiful Homes & The Best Of Interior Design.

Try Before You Subscribe: We’re offering the first 2 editions of The Aesthete for free. We want you to get a taste of what you’re subscribing to, and this is our way of showing you just what we have to offer.

A Gift for Our Email Subscribers: If you’re already an email subscriber to Home Designing, we haven’t forgotten about you. Enjoy 1 free issue of The Aesthete every month, our way of saying thank you for being part of our journey.

Keep Home Designing running and join us on this new chapter by subscribing to The Aesthete today. We promise that your Tuesdays will never be the same again!

With gratitude and hope,
The Creators of Home Designing

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