Authorities in Lahore Target Illegal Buildings in Specific Zones

Authorities in Lahore Target Illegal Buildings in Specific Zones

Lahore: The interim Punjab Local Government Minister, Amir Mir, has issued orders calling for a stern crackdown on unauthorised structures around the city.

Concerns about construction projects carried out without permitted maps in particular zones, such as Samanabad Zone, Wagah Zone, and Data Ganj Bakhsh Zone, have received priority attention from the government.

Constructions that went beyond the boundaries of the allowed maps have been rapidly destroyed during this effort, and the identified buildings have been sealed to allow for additional legal action against their owners.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the concerned officials to regularly check on these sealed structures to make sure the rules are being followed.

Furthermore, owners who continued with construction despite getting notices have been subject to legal action.

Following the removal of additional buildings, a building on the road next to Main Multan Road was sealed as part of the operation against unlawful constructions.

Moreover, additional walls around an industrial structure on Main GT Road near the Attock Petrol Pump were also taken down during the project.

Action was taken against owners of illegal buildings, including commercial halls and stores, near PTCL Exchange Jalu Mor on Main Syphon Road.

Additionally, equivalent legal procedures have been put into place in the zones of Wagah and Data Ganj Bakhsh, where additional constructions at 4 recorded places have been subject to legal repercussions.

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