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BiggerPockets is one of popular American firm that talks about real estate business all over the world. The main headquarter of this podcast session is in Denver, Colorado. Majority of its podcasts are all about real estate investment and its benefits. The purpose of this blog is to educate real estate investors more about real estate business. This podcasts is for those real estate enthusiasts who seek to earn huge money in this business. BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts are those professionals who have been working in the real estate sector for past several decades. One should definitely listen to these hosts, in order to thrive in real estate business for long. This company also has a separate website, where one can find best real estate tools for investing.

BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts

Scott Trench

One of the huge BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts is Scott Trench, who also acts as its CEO. He is also one of the famous real estate investors in Denver, who started of as operations director in this company. People call him a passionate real estate investor, who has also been educating about financial freedom. He has co authored a famous book named First Time Home Buyer, which is one of the popular Money Podcast. He wrote various articles and blogs about real estate business for prominent news outlets like LNBC, CNBC, and Bloomberg. His podcasts include some best real estate agents podcasts, where he talked about difficulties that a real estate investor faces.

David Greene

He worked as police officer, and now working as a real estate investor with more than a decades of experience. He has successfully purchased and managed around more than 30 single-family rental properties. Now, he owns several multifamily apartment complexes, mortgage notes, triple net properties, and short term rentals. He has a skilled team of real estate agents, with whom he partnered with Keller Williams. His partnership lead to establishment and ownership the One Brokerage, which is a famous mortgage firm of United States. He is one of those BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts, who have recognition all over the USA due to their experience. BiggerPockets Podcast Reviews for this host have been mainly positive due to his way to deliver knowledge.

Rob Abasolo

Rob Abasolo is one the successful BiggerPocket Podcast Hosts, who work as a tiny home builder, while working as Airbnb Superhost. He used to work as Senior Copywriter in the ad business, but quit that job to become real estate investor. Since than, he delivered lectures on real estate investing, while also working in its content creation. His present portfolio is an amalgamation of unique house and luxury rentals business that have spread all over USA. He has successfully established his business in Smoky Mountains, Los Angeles, along with tripling his investments. He started off his Youtube channel known as Robuilt three years before and he successfully got more 100000 subscribers. His main emphasis is on opportunistic real estate investment due to its profitable nature.

Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry is a famous business coach, and he has been helping numerous individuals in fulfilling their untapped potential. Though he runs his own podcast named Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, where he talks about ways to start a business. But he often runs a podcast for BiggerPockets, where he discusses ways to avoid losses in real estate business. He is among those BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts, who talk about changing mindset, and have motivation to do something. Many of his podcasts include professional authors, who give hand on training for real estate business.


Many of the BiggerPockets Podcast Hosts are professional in their relevant fields. The best thing about these hosts is that they combine the knowledge of Finance, and real estate, so that their listeners learn something unique. For more information about these hosts, you should visit the internet site of Estate Land Marketing.

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