BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast | Update 2023

BiggerPockets is one of the popular American company that provides insights about real estate business. This company is based in Denver, Colorado, and provides real estate investing education and rental properties investment benefits.  Biggerpockets real estate podcast is an important source of knowledge for real estate enthusiasts, as they might learn way to improve their marketing skills. It is becoming a important podcast for those looking forward to establish their career in real estate business.

BiggerPocket CEO

The CEO of BiggerPocket Real Estate Podcasts is Scott Trench, who is one of the popular real estate of Denver. He used to be habitual listener of this podcast site, and became member of this company around decades ago. He started working as an Operations Director in 2014, and then got the presidentship in 2018. His main recognition is being a passionate real estate investor, and professional finance enthusiast. Apart from that he wrote a book named First Time Home buyer, in which he mainly talked about real estate experience. He has also been writing articles about real estate in different news outlets like NBC, and Bloomberg.

BiggerPockets real estate podcast

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is one of the most important sources to learn real estate finance. Many of the analysts in this podcast believe that people might take years to purchase their first rental property. Some people were lucky enough to purchase rental within three years of their entry into real estate business. Jeeni Vega is one of the popular hosts of this podcast, who discussed her experience of cash flow. She explains golden triangle method on investment, through which she bought properties with lesser value. Properties were cheaper though but still managed to make huge profits. Jenni learned such strategy, when she worked as saleswoman in Cutco. Apart from that, it is important for the investors to hear Tom Ferry Podcasts in BiggerPockets to learn about real estate in depth.

How do these podcasts operate

BiggerPockets have adopted advertising and monetization means through people are able to hear BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. The ad requests in these podcasts provide value to users. The hosts of this podcasts have partnered with some real estate entreprenuers that provide valuable insights on this industry. Other than that, this enterprise offer upgraded membership in its LinkedIn Handle. The have also adopted strategies of Social media marketing for real estate agents podcast to gain more listeners. 


The ones who are willing to earn more cash can try their luck in real estate business. For that, it is important for them to hear biggerpockets Real estate podcast for once. There are numerous real estate professionals in this podcast, who offer smart strategies to make money from this business. Many of the host and guests in this podcast have professional experience of working as a real estate agent. These podcasts also explain the kind economic circumstance reliable for real estate operations. For more knowledge about these podcast, you better look into the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our firm involves numerous real estate professional, who have a good experience of marketing and advertising properties.

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