Capital Smart City Launched Residential Possessionable Plots

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is known as Pakistan’s first smart city. Moreover, it is a joint endeavor between Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd & Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. Further, the developers are known for creating luxurious real estate projects like the Bharia town and DHA. Most importantly, the investors trust the developers to start a sustainable living standard for everyone. Additionally, the housing project launched the capital smart city possessionable plots available in the Overseas East, Central and Overseas Prime 1. Further details of the investment in these plots are available in the blog, so continue reading.

Capital Smart City Residential Possessionable Plots

The CSC is one of the ideal housing projects developing near twin cities. Moreover, the owners are ensuring the shareholders can make sustainable investment prospects in the community. The housing project has residential and commercial properties that will encourage investors to create long-term investment opportunities. Further, the housing project is at a prime location, ensuring all prospective residents attain the accessible investment opportunity. Recently, the possession-able properties investment opportunity has assisted investors in more effortlessly buying the properties at the main blocks. Most importantly, the available payment plan also suggested that easy instalments will make the buying process more feasible for everyone. Lastly, let’s explore the updated details of this investment opportunity.


The location is the most significant feature of any plot. Moreover, from an investment point of view, investors always look for the site and its accessibility. Further, the prime site improves the value of the asset. In addition, these residential properties will be helpful from the main entrance of the residential project. These properties will be available in Overseas East, overseas central, and overseas prime one block of the Capital Smart City. Also, there are multiple sizes of properties will be available here for all the investors, including 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Lastly, please visit our official website or contact expert real estate professionals for updated properties and location details.

Capital Smart City Possessionable Plots Payment Plan

The developers have come up with affordable plot prices that provide instalments. Moreover, the duration of the payment plan is a two-year reasonable payment plan. So, investors from all economic backgrounds can easily invest in the community. Further, the payment plan has the details of the residential properties. With the provision of the eight quarterly instalment provision. The other information on the possession-able payment plan is available here.

capital smart city residential plots

Why invest in possessionable plots?

There are several reasons to invest in capital smart city possessionable plots. Numerous features and facilities will be accessible to all investors and future residents. And some of them are explained here.

  • The most considerable benefit of this investment in these plots is the instant possession of the property. And all investors who are always in a hurry and want an instant investment opportunity in the twin cities, these plots serve them best.
  • The second most vital aspect is the affordable payment plan with quarterly installment plans to accelerate the investment opportunity in the community further.
  • The location of these blocks where possession-able properties are available is at the prime location that not only increases the worth of the investment but also helps achieve high returns on investment.
  • Lastly, the developers will ensure that all prospective investors and residents can access world-class features and amenities. These facilities will be accessible to everyone at their doorstep.


The capital smart city is one of the popular housing projects developing new twin cities that will facilitate the investors in creating higher living standards. Moreover, recently the developers launched the capital smart city possessionable plots. The residential blocks will be available in the three prime blocks of the housing project: East, Overseas Central, and Overseas Prime 1. Furthermore, the developers are ensuring that all investors soon have a place to live where all amenities and features will be accessible. Also, a highly affordable payment plan is available, which motivates investors to make a sustainable investment opportunity in the community. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing site for more development information and investment details.

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