CDA Approves Rs 36.4 Billion for New Development Schemes in the Capital

CDA Approves Rs 36.4 Billion for New Development Schemes in the Capital

Islamabad: According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has authorised the PC-I of Sector C-13, with an estimated cost of Rs 1,078 million.

Officers from the Planning Commission, CDA Board members, and various officers from concerned formations attended a meeting that was presided over by Chairman CDA Noor ul Amin Mengal.

A PC-1 budget of Rs 10,249 million for Sector D-13 was also approved at the meeting. There are (5468) five thousand four hundred and sixty-eight plots in this sector. Additionally, PC I for Sector E-13 was approved. Four thousand thirty-four (4034) plots make up this section.

In addition, PC-I for Sector F-13, which comprises 5,342 plots and a cost estimate of Rs. 12,676 million, has also been approved.

Orchard Height Park’s infrastructure and development, whose construction cost was projected at Rs. 1 billion and 7 million, and PC I of Orchard Height Park were also approved; this project would be finished for Rs. 1773 million.

The Extension of Margalla Avenue N- 5 to M-1 project’s alignment of the road crossing through Sectors C-13, C-14, C-15, C-16, and D-12 was also explained to the CDA officials. The road’s alignment was approved, and the project’s projected cost is Rs. 2930 million.

Similar to that, the meeting authorised the project for Eleventh Avenue from F-10/F-11 to Col. Sher Khan.

Additionally, PC-1 for the development of an F-10 multipurpose citizens club has been approved. With an estimated cost of $2298 million, a building with 110 guest rooms will be built. Two storeys in addition to the ones mentioned above have been designated for parking.

Additionally, the meeting approved the National Bus Terminal’s construction. The cost to develop this project is Rs. 4252 million.

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