CDA commences studies for solid waste disposal recycling

Islamabad: Research on the recycling and disposal of solid refuse has been initiated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to mitigate environmental pollution within the municipality.

The initiative, according to an official, consists of the following: waste characterization, waste generation studies, a situational analysis report, collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal of municipal solid waste, a rapid assessment report of landfill sites, and a communication and behavior change strategy.

From January to March 2023, the Urban Unit Lahore undertook research at an expenditure of Rs 21.9 million. Nevertheless, legal complications and the unavailability of land have prevented the CDA from developing an adequate solid waste disposal system.

While developing a system that will implement a mechanism for solid waste minimization, reuse, source-separated waste, and waste recycling, the governing body is mindful of the criteria for optimal landfill disposal. The duration of these activities is approximately one year. A year ago, the CDA initiated a pilot program to segregate solid refuse to reduce environmental pollution and recover recyclable materials.

It is an essential prerequisite as it facilitates the recycling, reuse, treatment, and scientific disposal of various waste constituents.

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The act of waste sorting facilitates comprehension regarding strategies to decrease overall waste production, enables the identification of reusable items, and designates those that ought to be recycled. By implementing waste segregation practices and ensuring that employees recognize the significance of segregating waste, it is possible to prevent recyclable materials from being disposed of with regular garbage.

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and the Sanitation Directorate collect and transport an estimated 700 tonnes of solid refuse daily from the federal capital.

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