CDA Directs Relevant Officials to Provide Facilities to Private Sector

CDA Directs Relevant Officials to Provide Facilities to Private Sector

Islamabad: Anwar ul Haq, the chief commissioner of Islamabad and chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), issued a directive to the relevant officials on Wednesday directing them to offer all kinds of facilities to the private sector in order to green the federal capital.

At the F-6/2 sector, the CDA and Jazz launched a tree-planting initiative. Employees from Jazz planted about 2,000 Amaltas trees in the chosen spot as part of this project.

Haq emphasised the importance of working together with the corporate sector to support green initiatives.

They highlighted how much the private sector’s active participation in Islamabad’s environmental-friendly initiatives was appreciated.

Through the involvement of the corporate sector, this collaboration intends to modernise numerous amenities in Islamabad.

He claimed that in order to accelerate tree growth, larger plants that are compatible with the local environment will be planted.

Through their joint efforts, CDA and Jazz are advancing Islamabad’s environmental sustainability and fostering public-private collaborations for the greater benefit.

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