CDA Discusses Light Rail Transit System with China Railway

CDA Discusses Light Rail Transit System with China Railway

Islamabad: China Railway could be engaged to run the capital’s light rail transit (LRT) system, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) anticipates.

Electric trains that run on designated tracks are used in high-capacity public transportation systems like LRT.

A recent meeting between CDA management and representatives of China Railway, according to the executives of the civic agency, was successful.

Waseem Hayat Bajwa, a member of the planning committee, stated that they met with representatives of China Railway on the LRT, and they will meet again in ten days to continue their discussions.

Mr. Bajwa expressed optimism that a breakthrough would occur at the following meeting.

He added that the CDA wants to establish LRT on two routes: the Islamabad Motorway and from the new airport to H-8.

According to CDA officials, the civic organisation had already suggested many LRT routes. However, it is now just concentrating on two routes: from H-8 to the airport and from Rawat GT Road to the Faisal Mosque.

They claimed that the former railway track from H-8 to Golra had already been built and could be utilised for LRT.

A CDA representative reported that during the meeting, the Chinese representatives received a briefing on the available rail line from H-8 to Golra.

He said that both LRT routes might eventually be connected to the current metro bus system.

The member in charge of planning stated that both sides may sign a government-to-government agreement if China Railway’s proposal was approved.

The local population in the capital city lacks access to a train system, and only a few lines of the metro bus system are able to provide all of the necessary transit. There are a total of four proposed LRT routes, according to sources.

The routes are 30.5 km from Rawat to the Faisal Mosque on the Islamabad Motorway and Faisal Avenue, 13.7 km from N5, or G.T. Road, to the Pakistan Monument via Srinagar Highway, 27.5 km from Rawat T-Chowk to 26 No Stop on G.T. Road, and 10.4 km from Pirwadhai to Faizabad via Karnal Sher Khan Road. However, there are only two routes being prioritised right now.

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