CDA Dismantles Illegal Construction in Islamabad’s Sector F-11

CDA Dismantles Illegal Construction in Islamabad’s Sector F-11

Islamabad: An anti-encroachment operation is in full swing under the command of Captain Noor ul Amin Mengal, Chairman of the Federal Development Agency (Capital Development Authority CDA), to prevent encroachment and unlawful development in Islamabad.

In this context, major operations in sector F-11, Bhika Syedan, were conducted to remove encroachments on public property. Participating in the operation were the Information Directorate, Land and Restoration, Islamabad Administration, and Islamabad Police.

Details indicate that 15 four walls, with 133 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 30 kitchens, and 23 gates, constructed on government property in Sector F-11, Bhika Syedan, were destroyed using heavy equipment.

The operation’s goal is to finish development work by getting rid of encroachment on sectors’ newly acquired land.

On this occasion, Chairman CDA stated that the remaining development works in Sector F-11, Bhika Syedan should be finished as soon as feasible after the encroachment has been removed.

He added that the initiative to stop the encroachment of newly acquired land for sectors will continue without bias.

The CDA administration has been conducting operations against unauthorised building and encroachment for a number of months, which has caused the loss of government land worth billions of rupees.

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