CDA Establishes Automated System for Property Transfer

CDA Establishes Automated System for Property Transfer

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority’s Estate Wing has changed its procedure for transferring residential and commercial properties to an automated system in order to assist the owners of properties worth millions of rupees in Islamabad.

The system used to operate in a semi-automated style, which made it difficult for citizens to transfer a single property because multiple directorates were involved.

In contrast to the former method, which required individuals to physically visit the one window directorate of the local authority to get a transfer form and transfer date, the new approach will allow citizens to schedule the transfer of their properties online from the comfort of their homes.

On the other hand, once a case for the transfer of a property was made, it took several days to receive the necessary NOCs from the pertinent directorates, and as there was no tracking mechanism, files were frequently left neglected.

With the new system, each case will now have a number that will be sent to the citizen for his records and be used to follow the progress of his application.

Although the timetables for each stage were laid out by the succeeding managements, they were not followed in letter or spirit because papers were still being held up at various levels because of pointless objections.

The National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA), which is connected to the system, will aid in helping to confirm the persons engaged in the transfer are who they say they are.

Before, even after the process was finished, the citizen would have to wait several days to receive their transfer letter.

Now, however, the lengthy wait will be cut short because the allotment letter would be made available with only one click.

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