CDA finishes 90% of the work required to install LED lights

Islamabad: Nearly ninety percent of the induction of new LED lights and the restoration and conservation of long-standing street lights along the roads, service roads, & main avenues of the capital have been completed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

“Funds have been allocated by the authority in this regard since last month,” a CDA official said. “These funds will not only assist in ensuring adequate lighting on these roads and streets but also in regulating criminal activity in the capital.”

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The official stated that a recent surge in street crimes in various areas of the federal capital was precipitated by a lack of street lighting, which prompted locals to report the matter to the appropriate authorities. He further conveyed that the CDA was undertaking tangible actions to assure the provision of metropolitan facilities to city locals and the preservation of infrastructure. These actions included the installation of street lights, carpeting, and resolving water-related concerns that had been disregarded previously.

“In consultation with Chairman CDA Capt (r) Anwar ul Haq, particular emphasis is being placed on finalising the outstanding development projects in sectors I, G, H, and D,” he explained. “Additionally, efforts are being made to facilitate home builders in these sectors and ensure the provision of civic amenities.”

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