CDA Launched Center for Building Plans Fast Track Approval

Islamabad: Building plans will be approved in three days at a facilitation centre officially established by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Anwarul Haq, Chairman of CDA, officially opened the facility. Speaking at the event, he stated that people who need their building designs approved quickly will find a helpful facility. He gradually instructed the administrators to open similar service centres in other CDA wings.

Residential constructions up to 356 yards will now require an extra Rs20,000 in fees and two days to be approved with the necessary paperwork; residential buildings more significant than that will demand a Rs30,000 fee. Furthermore, approval for commercial buildings up to 10,000 square yards will be granted within three days. Additionally, a different desk has been set up,” it stated.

Both large and small business plots can use the service. The building designs will be approved by the CDA design vetting committee, chaired by member planning.

Last month, The CDA board permitted the facilitation centre’s establishment to expedite the approval of development designs. Subject to additional expenses, the board set aside 48 and 72 hours to support minor residential and commercial building proposals.

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It has been noted that some applicants desire early approval, which is typically not possible due to various factors, such as a large number of applications received, a staffing shortfall, and observations noted in the applications that have been filed.

The centre’s establishment to offer citizens a fast-track facility was approved by every board member.

According to sources, the director general of Building Control and the head of the CDA, Faisal Naeem, decided to introduce the expedited service last month after receiving concerns from the public.

When contacted, the DG Building Control stated that the service was operational and would shortly be expanded to include other directorates per the CDA chairman’s directives.

Mr Naeem added that he had instructed his employees to follow regulations and guarantee the approval of standard building designs in 21 days. The DG declared that no carelessness would be accepted and urged the public to file complaints with him if building control employees used any delaying tactic.

He remarked, “The chairman has made it clear that no negligence would be tolerated for all staff members of building control.”

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