CDA Permits 9 High-Rise Building Plans at Key Locations in Federal Capital

CDA Approves High-Rise Building Plans at Key Locations in Islamabad

Islamabad: Building plans for nine high-rise projects at desirable locations in Islamabad have been approved by the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) design-vetting committee, indicating a surge in construction activities despite a major increase in building expenses.

These upcoming high-rise projects, which include a 26-story hotel on Club Road, include billions of rupees in investments and will have an effect on several sectors connected to the construction industry.

It is pertinent to state that officials from the planning division of the civic authority attended a meeting of the CDA’s design-vetting committee that was conducted at CDA headquarters.

The 26-story structure slated for plot 13 on Club Road stands out among the authorised development proposals. Moreover, the committee also approved a 15-story skyscraper in the New Blue Area.

Additional permissions include a nine-story structure planned for the Asian Development Bank in sector G-5. The committee also approved a nine-story structure for the Institute of Cost Management Accounts of Pakistan.

Building designs for six-story and seven-story complexes were approved for sectors I-8 and F-8 after thorough examination of the necessary documentation.

Three commercial structures located inside two private housing societies also had their plans approved by the committee.

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