CDA Plans to Develop 4 New Residential Sectors in Islamabad

CDA Plans to Develop 4 New Residential Sectors in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been actively working on the finalisation of layout plans (LOPs) for four residential sectors in Islamabad.

These sectors reportedly include D-13, E-13, F-13, and Kuri’s housing project.

Waseem Hayat Bajwa, a CDA planning member, affirmed the ongoing efforts and said that the CDA is trying to complete LOPs for these sectors.

He further stated that although the LOPs for these areas had already been developed, they were missing the necessary topographic surveys. In relation to the Kuri housing project, Bajwa disclosed that the CDA would employ a consultant to help hasten the LOP’s completion within a month.

The CDA purchased the three sectors (D-13, E-13, and F-13) indicated earlier in 2008, with partial allocations made in D-13 and E-13.

Additionally, the CDA’s current chairman has given the organisation instructions to fix any outstanding problems that are impeding the growth of these areas.

Although previous announcements have not come to pass, officials are still confident that the completion of LOPs for each of the four sectors would allow for the beginning of construction.

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