CDA Proposes New Dam to Address Islamabad’s Water Needs

CDA Proposes new Dam to Address Islamabad’s Water Needs

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Water & Power Development Authority (Wapda) are working together to construct a new dam upstream of Khanpur Dam in order to address the shortage of drinkable water in the Federal Capital.

Since Islamabad is the only beneficiary of this project, the civic agency would be responsible for paying for the pre-feasibility study before building on the 122-meter-high, 350-meter-long “Dotara Dam” begins

Approximately Rs 20 million, according to sources, is needed for the preliminary feasibility study.

It is important to note that the proposed project was presented to Wapda and CDA officials during a meeting, and it was revealed that the dam would be able to hold 0.1 million MAF (million-acre feet) of water. It will be able to supply 72 MGD of water daily and produce 10 MW of hydropower.

The gathering was informed that while this project will have 57 percent of its own catchment area, Khanpur Dam’s 43 percent catchment area falls within its alignment.

The CDA chief mentioned that a preliminary study should be conducted of the Dotara project.

Moreover, since alternate water sources have not been seriously investigated during the past 20 years, Islamabad is a city with a severe water shortage.

It is pertinent to mention that in contrast to the need for roughly 220MGD, the CDA is now providing about 70MGD from three sources: the Simly Dam, the Khanpur Dam, and tube wells.

According to sources, small dams are also required to hold rainfall in the catchment areas of the Simly, Khanpur, and Rawal dams. Every monsoon season, the authorities are required to open the spillways of these dams to release water.

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