CDA Simplifies House Construction Process by Introducing Pre-Approved House Plans

CDA Simplifies House Construction Process by Introducing Pre-Approved House Plans

Islamabad: By releasing pre-approved house plans for different site sizes, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made a substantial contribution to streamlining the home construction process.

This program, according to sources, aims to do away with the lengthy process residents generally go through to get building plan approval, which involves several departments and frequently causes delays.

Residents won’t need a separate CDA clearance if they opt to build a home using one of the pre-approved blueprints.

Furthermore, after consulting with the finance wing, the construction costs for this process will be decided. However, permission from the appropriate departments is still required if you want to build a home with a distinctive design.

Additionally, it has been stated that Mohammad Anwarul Haq, the recently appointed CDA Chairman, is thinking about looking into complaints made against various authority departments. He took the initiative to make this choice after last week’s inspection of the building control division.

Additionally, he asked for a thorough report that included information on how many citizen applications were submitted and how many of those applications were approved by the relevant staff.

Furthermore, he also wanted to know how long it would take to process these applications. The new chairman also required the digitization of property records in an effort to improve service effectiveness at the OWO directorate.

According to sources, Chairman Haq intends to conduct comparable audits of other directorates, including the departments of land, environment, highways, and maintenance.

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