CDA to Construct Pakistan’s Largest IT Park in Islamabad

Islamabad: CDA proposes to build the Country’s largest IT Park in the capital.

As specified in the particulars, the IT Park, situated in Sector G-10, will encompass an expansive area of 3.3 acres and prioritise government-private collaboration and strategic planning.

The Park, designed to be a hub for innovation, will accommodate tens of thousands of freelancers, startups, and software houses, thereby cultivating an environment that is conducive to expansion.

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The park, spanning an extensive one lakh square feet, will provide contemporary conveniences such as conference facilities, exhibition areas, libraries, and research centres.

Significantly, the construction will be funded by private entities, as organisations lease space to establish their IT offices; this will generate employment opportunities and stimulate economic activity.

The CDA will assume operational control after 15 years, signifying a dedication to sustained investment in the technological infrastructure of Pakistan.

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