CDA to Digitise Plot Data for Public Convenience

CDA to Digitise Plot Data for Public Convenience

For the convenience of the public, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has chosen to digitise plot records.

Sources reveal that in order to digitise the plot record, a website gateway will be developed. It would include information about residential and commercial plots, buildings, etc.

The record of D-12 will be digitised in the first phase as a pilot project, and after its success, records of all sectors will be digitised in phases, sources further revealed.

Additionally, records from the revenue directorate, planning, estate management, and building control will be digitalized. According to CDA authorities, a Performa is being produced for the submission of entire plot details.

Consequently, Performa will be used to construct a data bank to digitise the records, and citizens would have full access to the internet portal.

Moreover, the number of residential and business plots in the area as well as the true owner of each plot will be known. You can also look for information on water fees, property taxes, and other obligations.

According to officials, citizens won’t have to visit CDA offices to get information about plots and files because full plot details may be acquired with just one click.

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