CDA to Establish Contemporary Parks in Federal Capital

CDA to Establish Contemporary Parks in Federal Capital

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is preparing to build a number of modern parks throughout Islamabad with the goal of giving city inhabitants more recreational options.

According to official sources, CDA has successfully created over 37 public parks in Islamabad over the past ten years, and it is currently concentrating on increasing this number in the years to come.

Once the required legalities are finished, it takes around three to four months to build a new park, according to the sources.

Islamabad now has six amusement parks, which are thought to effectively meet the city’s citizens’ recreational needs.

However, anytime a new industry is formed, a new amusement park must be built by order of the authorities.

Several new sectors, including I-11, I-12, I-14, I-15, I-16, D-12, and Park Enclave, are now being developed by the CDA.

Additionally, these places incorporate parks and Model Villages. Officials claim that the addition of new parks will be a smart move in accordance with the CDA’s authorised layout plan to meet the public’s increasing demand.

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