CEO Statement

CEO Statement

Life is how and where we live. The facilities and luxuries that we collect and our own lives define our days, nights, and moments. A peaceful sleep, an inviting day, accessible necessities, and assurance of a progressive future is the factors that determine the quality of life for most of us.
Being associated with the construction profession, I always had a desire to establish a construction company strong enough to curb many of the prevalent ill practices such as time and cost overruns, quality lapses, and other malpractices associated with the profession.
With these objectives, the formation of CIVILCO Construction and Interior came into being.

Simultaneously there was a desperate desire to get a space in the market with recognition and admiration based on performance alone. As a company that is rewriting the future through construction, providing prestigious services alongside operating sustainability is central to our mission. Timely completion has been a dream for the clients in general and in this fast-paced world. We ensured that our dedicated and untiring team of workers and staff has the skills to innovate and meet our client’s needs.

We endeavor to serve our clients with the best solutions throughout the journey with fast, innovative, and quality delivered and customer-focused solutions to fulfill the need of the clients.


Engineer Mujeeb Ur Rehman

CIVILCO has a team of experienced Engineers and Architects; emphasizing in the establishment a “ hands-on “ shares authorship with each client results in building and interior architecture incorporating unique planning and management solutions.

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