Commission briefed 38.3-km RRR will contain 5 interchanges

According to news released on October 9, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha was briefed that the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) project will include five interchanges during his extended site visit to the Khasaleha Khurd to review progress and construction speed.

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According to the details, the 38.3-kilometer-long RRR will have five interchanges at Banth, Chak Beli Khan, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and Thalian. Aside from that, the project includes the construction of a railway bridge, five flyovers, and an astounding array of 21 minor underpasses, all of which will improve the region’s overall connectivity and transportation infrastructure.

It is worth noting that the initial construction phase of the project began near Chakri Road, where the district administration had previously secured the necessary land. However, land acquisition for other portions of the RRR has yet to begin.

Commissioner Chattha voiced confidence in the project’s speedy pace, predicting that the Rawalpindi Ring Road will be finished within a year. In addition, the development plan calls for the creation of an industrial zone along the Ring Road. Chattha emphasised that this industrial zone would serve as a catalyst for economic development and job creation throughout the region.

A senior district administration official (whose identity was withheld) stated that an independent validation survey of land would be undertaken soon, speeding up the land purchase process. Furthermore, the province government has committed to releasing PKR 4 billion for the project, and construction has already begun on a 10-kilometer length of land now under the administration’s control.

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