David Greene BiggerPockets Podcast | Update 2023

David Greene is one of the prominent name in real estate business, who has earned huge profits in this business. He started of his career as a police officer, and now has a decades old experience in real estate business. In his career, he  purchased and managed more than 20 single-family rental assets. Now, he has an ownership of numerous multifamily mortgage notes, studio apartments, and other triple net properties. He has hired a professional team of real estate agents, along with Kellar Williams for the success of his company. He currently runs a famous mortgage firm in USA known as One Brokerage. One must listen to David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts to learn more about real estate sector operations. Those BiggerPockets Podcast Reviews are very positive among real estate experts.

David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

Is Buying a Bad Decision in 2023?

The host behind this podcast is Daryl Fairweather, who is also a Chief economist in Redfin. He state that purchasing a home may not be a good thing in 2023. One might have to go through a different hurdles to come under the terms of contract. At first, one has to look for homeowner willing sell the home. Then, one needs to convince them that lowering down the price for more value. After that securing funding for the housing might be difficult, due to  seven percent interest rate. It is one of the important David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as it discusses appropriate time to buy houses. As home affordability is low nowadays, so it might not be a good idea to buy house. Brandon Turner BiggerPockets Podcast might provide additional guidance about such issues.

The Fed Just Got One More Reason to Hike Mortgage Rates

This podcast highlights the aspect of mortgage rate hikes, and how they cause difficulty in real estate market. The federal authorities often get frustrated, if the interest rate get higher. It becomes hard for the real estate investors to invest their cash in various housing projects. Many of the crowdfunding platform often go bankrupt due to such hikes. It is also one of the most vital David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as it tell ways to sustain in such conditions. As the current job reports are painting a bleak economic picture, so the real estate investor might have to ask for expensive loans. The ones who own short term rentals might need to sell their assets, as platforms like AirBnb are earning less income. One should then go for core plus real estate investment opportunities to thrive in market.

Untold Story of 7-Day Workweeks to 7-Figure Net Worth

In this podcast, David Greene himself tells about importance of Cash flow in establishing a real estate business. For some individuals, this business seems to be lucrative, yet making cash is very problematic in this business. One has to do hard work to make sure that their business thrives in the every type of scenario. This also an important David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as David shares his experience of financial stress, and failures. He also has a diverse portfolio of having shares in cash flowing companies, to owning rental properties. One should also learn about ways to manage real estate business through Ninja selling podcast. It also tells that how one has to value every second of the day, in order to get profits from this business


David Greene has been very influential in the real estate sector due to his motivational knowledge of real estate. He shares his personal experiences to make sure that no other individuals repeats such mistakes to avoid losses. David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts are instrumental in enabling the real estate investor to make a rational decision. For further information, you better reach out to real estate professional of Estate Land Marketing.

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