House & Home – DIY: Holiday Posy & Tassel and Bell Garland

What you’ll need for the posy: 

• Greenery
• Seasonal flowers, berries, bells or other decorations
• Twine
• Ribbon


1. To make this easy holiday posy, start by forming a fan shape with a foundation of greenery.

2. Layer in seasonal flowers, berries or other decorations on top.

3. Gather the ends together and tie tightly with twine.

4. Finish the look with a decorative ribbon tied in a bow and hang on your door.

What you’ll need for the garland:

• Tassels (available at craft or fabric stores)
• Small bells
• Macramé rope


1. Take a length of macramé rope and attach tassels and small bells, alternating the decorations and keeping them evenly spaced.

2. Place the garland around a tree, along a mantel or over a door frame.

Author: Wendy Jacob


Janis Nicolay


Emma Reddington and Jen Evans

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