IMARAT Group Launches TameerSeTaleem Initiative for School Renovations with Construction Waste Reuse

IMARAT Group Launches TameerSeTaleem Initiative for School Renovations with Construction Waste Reuse

IMARAT Group launches the most awaited phase two of their signature Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative titled TameerSeTaleem. The campaign advocates the reuse of construction waste and excess material for underprivileged schools rehabilitation in slum areas.

The campaign made rounds on social media last year when the concept of reusing wood waste for making furniture for low-income schools was launched. This year the initiative expanded to renovate an entire school with leftover construction materials and waste.

As per Chairman IMARAT Group, Shafiq Akbar’s long-term narrative of building back Pakistan, TameerSeTaleem aims to promote sustainable development and educational equity in Pakistan’s underserved areas.

“The concept is about construction waste material management,” explains Shafiq Akbar in the renowned TameerSeTaleem documentary. “There are thousands of ongoing construction projects across Pakistan. And there are many underprivileged local schools surrounding these project sites which can benefit a lot from the efficient utilization of construction waste. So I invite all the big players in our sector to come join hands with us and help our next generation.”

In the first phase, Tameer Se Taleem repurposed wood waste to create 100+ furniture items for a slum school named Baithak School situated at Mehrabadi, Islamabad. Baithak School Network has a nationwide network comprising 143 schools and over 18,000 students. Now, in phase two, the team has renovated a dilapidated school of the same school network at Golra Road, E-12. The team used leftover construction materials for this purpose like cement, concrete cylinders, paint, and wood waste obtained from construction sites

“Over 50,000 schools in Pakistan suffer from urban decay, including the school we found on Golra Rd, Islamabad,” added the TameerSeTaleem team. “The initial condition was harmful to the students, with soiled walls, seepage, and a massive amount of garbage outside the school.”

Driven by the goal of revamping the school, IMARAT Group carried out extensive renovations, including roof repairs, repainting the walls, and the installation of concrete cylinders. The team collaborated with Team WorthAWhile, company employees, teachers, and students to infuse creativity into the project, adorning the walls with artistic designs. Additionally, a cleaning drive in partnership with Capital Development Authority and the District Comissioner’s office was organized to remove the surrounding garbage.

“We believe it’s crucial to educate children about climate change, especially in areas affected by urban floods and torrential rains,” added Zoha Javed, the TameerSeTaleem project lead. “To introduce the concept of sustainable development, we painted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the school walls. This way, every student will be exposed to and understand the SDGs throughout their primary education.”

As per the IMARAT leadership, Tameer Se Taleem is an initiative dedicated to educational equity in Pakistan’s slum areas. By implementing sustainable waste management and strategic collaborations, Tameer Se Taleem aims to improve educational infrastructure, provide access to quality education, and promote sustainable development in the country.

Previously, TameerSeTaleem was presented at the prestigious Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 in Turkey, bagging three international awards. IMARAT Group is known for its unique ESG initiatives like their latest Tiniest Carbon Report Initiative, massive tree plantations, STEAM Safeer Sessions and Taqdeer Ki Tameer.

If you want to support this concept to be implemented nationwide, vote for it on their TameerSeTaleem website.

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