Inside a Storybook Apartment of Sophistication

Nestled in the heart of Kyiv lies a 123 sq m haven that transcends the ordinary—a two-bedroom apartment where architectural talent, client vision, and a touch of enchantment intertwine. This space by Yevheniia Dubrovska & Yuliia Olenchyn, is not merely an abode; it’s a refined, cozy fairy tale brought to life through a symphony of colors and textures. From the soothing blue-grey walls to the luxurious cream bouclé armchairs, each detail is a brushstroke in this masterpiece. The mahogany hues, the striking veneer of the console, and the vibrant peach sofa create a visual narrative that captivates and delights. The apartment is a treasure trove of discoveries, like the intricately milled ventilation grid, beckoning a closer look.

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