LDA takes Strict Action against Illegal Developments

LDA takes Strict Action against Illegal Developments

Lahore: The city’s illegitimate developments have been targeted by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

On August 7, LDA launched a massive operation against the “Hair Villas” private housing organisation, which had been set up unlawfully on Bedian Road.

It is pertinent to state that the structures constructed as part of the programme, including under-construction buildings, sewage pipes, and other infrastructure, were all demolished by the LDA teams.

A sizable police force and large pieces of equipment were used in the operation.

As a result of their actions, a crackdown against unlawful structures and commercialization was started on 8 August under the direction of the Commissioner and Deputy Director of LDA. 

Six homes in Gulberg have been shut and partially demolished.

These properties include “Third Culture”, Plot 101 Tipu Block in Garden Town, and the Daewoo Terminal linked to the unlawful commercial premises at Kalma Chowk.

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