New City Paradise Awami Block

New City Paradise Awami Block is the latest residential development that will be accessible to all investors and residents and offer everyone an affordable yet luxurious lifestyle. Further, the housing project is PHATA-approved living space that will soon be available for the twin city residents. Moreover, investors from the twin cities will quickly benefit from the outstanding living standards by investing here. As we all know, the New City Paradise Burhan Interchange project site is highly accessible and close to the major significant vicinities, which will enhance prospective residents’ living standards. Recently, the developers have launched the Awami Block in the community, enabling investors to make a sustainable and affordable investment opportunity. So keep reading and explore more investment prospects in the NCP Awami Block.

Owners & Developers

The developers of the New City Paradise are Chaudary Saad and Chaudhry Qamar Zaman. Moreover, both developers have proven their work through the New City Wah’s success, which primarily has phases 1 and 2. Further, the developers are keen to produce a unique infrastructure for the residents and investors from the twin cities. They believe in delivering the best investment opportunities to all investors where all the essential luxuries of life will be available. Lastly, for further details and information do visit our website.

New City Paradise Awami Block Payment Plan

The housing project has just launched affordable prices and rates that motivate investors to create sustainable and lucrative investment opportunities for all investors, just like the previous New City Paradise Payment Plan. The best aspect is that the payment plan has an instalment provision that will help investors from different economic backgrounds to invest in the community. Further investment opportunities in the Awami block will be accessible on the estate land marketing official website.

New City Paradise Awami Block payment plan

Master Plan

The Awami Block has residential properties that will have countless features and facilities. Further, there will be essentials available in the community that will allow them to enhance their livelihood. Moreover, the high-quality infrastructure will help future locals attain the community’s most worthy life. The newly launched block will be two property sizes available so far. The other details of the plots available in the community will be known as the official announce them. Here is the list of the properties available at the New City Paradise Awami Block.

Investment Benefits

The New City Paradise Investment will facilitate the investors in achieving a high-end living experience. Moreover, the investors are already blissful because of the fast development pace of the housing project. Further, the ideal site and the closeness to the significant landmarks also motivate the investors to create sustainable investment opportunities in the community. Also, the payment plan that has recently been launched has further encouraged them to create an asset here with the easy instalment plan. Most importantly, the developers ensure all investors gain the dream living standards from essential to high-end facilities and features. Lastly, please visit our head office or our official website for more investment prospects at the Awami block.


The developers of the renowned housing project New City Paradise have recently launched a new block in the community. Moreover, the Awami Block has countless amenities that facilitate and motivate investors to make the desirable investment in the community. The ideal location and the affordable payment plan will further enhance the investors’ buying power, and the instalment provision is no less than a cherry on the cake moment for all investors. Additionally, per the latest development status, the housing project is developing fast. So, the investors, especially overseas investors, are confident regarding this investment opportunity. Lastly, visit our head office and the official website Estate Land Marketing for further details and updates on investment prospects.

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