PDWP approves important development initiatives

Lahore: According to a news source on October 25, the Punjab Development Working Party (PDWP) has approved four major development programs that include the construction of public buildings, road networks, and bridges.

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The anticipated budget for these projects is PKR 3,965.796 million, according to the information. The projects accepted at the meeting, which was chaired by Iftikhar Ali Sahoo, Chairman of the Punjab Planning and Development (P&D) Board, included the rehabilitation of a 28-kilometer road that connects Nankana Sahib to Shahkot. The estimated cost of this project is PKR 2,240.099 million. The creation of model e-registration offices in Punjabi divisional headquarters, with a PKR 603.98 million budget, was also agreed during the meeting.

Furthermore, with a PKR 757.887 million expenditure, the PDWP has approved the renovation of Arazi Record Centres (ARCS) throughout Punjab. Additionally, with PKR 363.830 million in funding, the sub-registrar’s offices at the divisional district headquarters in Punjab were to be renovated.

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