Punjab Caretaker CM Orders Timely Completion of Akbar Chowk Flyover

Punjab Caretaker CM Orders Timely Completion of Akbar Chowk Flyover

Lahore: On Sunday, Mohsin Naqvi, the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, went to check over the development being done for the Akbar Chowk flyover project.

All of the piles and pile caps for the project, which aims to improve traffic flow, have been completed.

The Chief Minister directed a daily report on the status of the construction during the visit and stressed the importance of regular project updates.

He also gave the staff a strict timeline to complete the work, telling them to do so by the middle of the following month.

Mohsin Naqvi gave authorities instructions to improve the design of U-turns in order to address the project’s design considerations.

He also directed the construction of a model road that would run from College Road to Akbar Chowk.

He pointed out that by doing this, not only would smooth mobility for residents be guaranteed, but also traffic congestion would be significantly reduced.

The Akbar Chowk flyover project would provide a long-term solution to traffic congestion for the locals.

During a briefing, the Contractor, Chief Engineer, and DG LDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa shared their perspectives as well as the fact that 29 of the project’s 31 pairs have had their work completed.

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