Real estate market forecast 2024

The housing industry is a complex and ever-changing business, and it is hard to predict that what is coming next. Many of the financial experts believe that after few years the evolving national economy might have direct impact on business. On the basis of current trends and opinions of economic experts, real estate market forecast 2024 has some optimistic views. This forecast explains that housing market would remain stable in year 2024, as it is important component of national economy. One must look into CMA real estate analysis to understand such forecast.

Real Estate Market Forecast 2024

Interest rates might increase the mortgage rates for new buyers, but prices would not fall like the one in 2008 market crash. Lending standards might become more vigorous, as compared to previous years. The housing market was huge during the Covid-19 pandemic because of low borrowing rates. Such trend encouraged purchases of first-time buyers, yet they faced lack of supply due to underbuilding. A lot of real estate experts have distinct thoughts on whether rates would collapse in the next five years. Real estate market forecast 2024 clearly states inflation might have a drastic impact on real estate business of Pakistan.

Though, they are of the view that housing market would experience a slowdown in next five years. Current Housing Market of Pakistan depends highly on interest rates and supply of properties on market, which might even determine mortgage rates. In 2021, the current median home rate in Pakistan increased by 16.9% around PKR 10 million, with sales of 6 million houses, which was highest since 2006. The market also relied on record-low interest rates, huge prices growth and rentals for single-family homes with the 15-year huge sales.

2024 Housing Market Predictions

Real Estate Market Forecast 2024 also gives a hopeful analysis of bringing more solidity to the real estate market after a few years of hesitation. With mortgage rates decreasing quicker than expectation, and home rates are likely to remain frequently flat in 2024. This might be best news for purchasers who are eager to witness a good time to enter the housing market. The national housing shortage might be less, and it would not continue like it did in year 2020. The growing cost and penalties of climate change would also have drastic impact on real estate, as per the prediction for 2024. Homeowners will have to consider cost to build home that would resist climate change. The overall price of owning a home would become an important metric, as it included taxes, maintenance rates, and mortgage rates.

Will it be a Real Estate Market for purchasers?

The housing market of Pakistan has witnessed skyrocketing rates of homes since past two year due to less inventory and low interest rates. According to latest Economic Survey of Pakistan, the entire trend might change with the passage of time. Many of the financial experts in Pakistan have utilized real estate market analysis to explain the forecast.

A potential Shift in Favor of Purchasers

Many of the real estate experts in Pakistan are expecting a huge shift in favor of buyers by next year. The only reason behind such potential shift is increasing mortgage costs. Real estate market forecast 2024 states that huge mortgage costs result in reducing competition among homebuyers. This shift would also apply huge pressure on rental market, as potential homebuyers may want to rent. The forecast report also tells that new housing project are not likely to see price reduction by next years. Contrary to that, some vacation market areas might see price reductions, as the forecast predicted rent growth too. The rent growth would depend upon inflation that might outperform stock and real estate market appreciation by next year.


Real estate market forecast 2024 generally suggests that housing business in Pakistan would go through a huge change in the coming years. Such transformation would entirely depend on declining rates of homes due to shift towards market of homebuyers. It would also be a result of numerous aspects like increasing mortgage rates, and inventory shortage. Such declining issue may push many probable buyers to the sidelines. Please check out the website of Estate Land Marketing to learn more about such forecast. Our real estate consultancy firm is aware about all the previous and future trends of Pakistani real estate business.

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