Recent agreements with China to expand the scope of the CPEC

Anwaarul Haq Kakar, the acting prime minister, declared on Wednesday that Pakistan remained dedicated to carrying out the various sectors’ recently completed projects with China.

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He declared that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would enter a new phase with the recent agreements between the two nations.

He claimed that China’s Belt and Road Initiative was the guarantee of the growth and prosperity of the entire region during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong.

During his recent visit to China, the prime minister conveyed his appreciation to Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government for the cordial welcome and arrangements.

According to him, Pakistan would move quickly to put the agreements and Memorandum of Understanding that were struck during my most recent trip to China into effect.

He claimed that China and Pakistan had a friendship that extended beyond the ocean’s depths and even the tallest mountains.

He said that the benefits of CPEC were being felt by the citizens of both nations.

The prime minister was given the assurance by the Chinese ambassador that China would fully cooperate with Pakistan’s growth and economic stability.

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