Shared data on cement shipments during June 2023

The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) has released cement shipment data for the month of June 2023, according to an article published on July 5 in national newspapers.

The association has urged the government to support export-oriented industries in order to revitalize the presence of the cement industry on international markets and assist the nation in overcoming its current challenges.

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The association’s monthly data reveals a decline in cement shipments during June 2023. Cement shipments for the month totaled 4.063 million tonnes, representing a decrease of 22.80% compared to the 5.264 million tonnes shipped in the same month of the previous fiscal year.

In June 2023, additional analysis of the data reveals a significant decline in local cement shipments by the industry. Local shipments totaled 3,487 million tonnes, representing a decrease of 29.97% compared to June 2022 levels of 4,979 million tonnes. However, exports increased significantly by 102.59 percent, with volumes increasing from 284,471 tonnes in June 2022 to 576,309 tonnes in June 2023.

Cement mills in the northern region shipped 2,950 million tonnes in June 2023, a decrease of 30.08 percent from the 4,220 million tonnes shipped in June 2022. In contrast, cement manufacturers in the southern region shipped 1.113 million tonnes in June 2023, a 6.60 percent increase compared to the 1.04 million tonnes shipped in June 2022.

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