Soan River Bridge Expected to Reopen on August 14

Soan River Bridge Expected to Reopen on August 14

Islamabad: On August 14, the Soan River bridge will reopen to traffic after being closed for 45 days owing to a partial collapse.

The bridge, which connects Rawat and Kutchery Chowk, experienced traffic suspension while undergoing repairs, diverting traffic to a nearby bridge.

It is pertinent to state that the reopening was confirmed by a senior project official, who added that the strength of the bridge will be evaluated before it resumes traffic.

The official stated, “The traffic flow has improved as a result of the removal of debris and the application of asphalt on potholes of the adjacent road.”

Although the rebuilt section of the bridge is now open, ongoing construction projects, particularly the widening of the bridge across the Soan River, are still unfinished and may not completely relieve road users, including inhabitants of housing societies.

The building materials and waste that have been left all over the road, the standing water from the rain that has not been properly drained, and the beggars who meander around cars have all raised concerns about the bridge.

The Regional Police Officer (RPO) and the City Police Officer (CPO) of Rawalpindi recently voiced their displeasure due to a traffic bottleneck in the area.

Authorities were prompted by their response to clean the bridge, fill depressions with asphalt, and fix potholes in order to improve traffic flow on the detoured route.

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