Study Tour by LCIMLA focuses on Sustainable Development in Abbottabad

Study Tour by LCIMLA focuses on Sustainable Development in Abbottabad

Abbottabad: The 14th Study Tour Course was organised by the Lahore Cantonment Institute of Municipal and Land Administration (LCIMLA), giving participants an in-depth look at the administrative and development initiatives in the Abbottabad district.

Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad, Khalid Iqbal, greeted the participants with a friendly welcome. Furthermore, the Additional Deputy Commissioner Jabril Raza gave a thorough review, highlighting the district’s main development and concentration areas.

The Suhail Park Slaughterhouse was revitalised, the Clean Water System was transformed, solid waste was managed, pedestrian paths were made in markets, Shierwan Park development initiatives were covered and more.

It is pertinent to note that the visiting delegation also emphasised the value of the Langra/Dhamtor Bypass road for travellers heading towards Galyat and measures to improve the tourist infrastructure in Thandiani and Galiyat.

In a similar vein, the district’s initiatives to manage the effects of infrastructure development and population expansion were also highlighted, underscoring its unshakable commitment to sustainable progress.

Conclusively, the attendees also received briefings on issues like the implementation of building plans, methods to battle unlawful housing societies, the significance of the KP-SEP project, ways to stop illegal mining, and actions to protect forests.

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