The PM announces a special program for Pakistanis living abroad

On August 10, news sources said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had announced a special deal to help Pakistanis living abroad.

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Under this package, new benefits for non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) will be put in place to help them solve problems. Here are the details of the deal for Pakistanis living abroad:

  • To help NRPs with land issues, the Chief Secretaries in the provinces and the Chief Commissioner in Islamabad will set up hotlines.
  • Special courts will be set up in Islamabad and all of the provinces to speed up the settlement of property disputes.
    For building homes:
  • 10% of public housing projects should go to Overseas Pakistanis.
  • A 5% discount on payments made in foreign cash or through a bank.
  • The Punjab Overseas Pakistanis Commission (POPC) will be used as a model for similar projects in other regions.

Help at the airport:
NRPs have their own counters at foreign airports.
Awards and accommodations:
Awards given to the top ten overseas Pakistanis who send money home
Pakistan’s Hall of Fame Missions for some Pakistanis living abroad
Better ways to handle money:
National Savings Schemes with good interest rates run by the Central Directorate of National Savings for Pakistanis living abroad.

Services for documents:

  • More NADRA and visa help desks in embassies and missions.

After a certain time, passports that were put on a blacklist will be taken off immediately.

Processes that are easier:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will improve the way papers can be attested online.
  • Camp offices for document services are set up by MOFA in places where many Pakistanis living abroad live.

Verification and records based on biometrics:

  • Biometric verification can be done online for pensions, bank accounts, and property deals for Pakistanis living abroad.
  • Union Councils were linked to NADRA for awards.
  • Opportunities for schooling: 5% quota for children of Pakistanis living outside of the country in public higher education
  • Scholarships for Pakistani children living abroad based on their need and ability

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