CDA Announces Smart Parks in Federal Capital to Address Safety Issues

CDA Announces Smart Parks in Federal Capital to Address Safety Issues

Islamabad: A recent announcement by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) describes a plan to construct technology-infused smart parks in Islamabad.

Details indicate that these smart parks will offer free Wi-Fi to guests. Additionally, computerised scanners will be placed at park entrances to facilitate quick entry by merely scanning guests’ CNICs.

The CDA is not working on this large project by themselves. In order to get cutting-edge expertise and make sure the parks are both practical and forward-thinking, it is working with the commercial sector.

Although the first focus of the renovation will be the city’s largest parks, the idea is to ultimately spread the smart features to other green areas as well.

It is pertinent to state that current significant parks in the federal capital will be transformed into smart parks during the first phase.

In addition, the parks will include cutting-edge features like solar lighting, tech-integrated benches, and air quality sensors.

Officials are optimistic that implementing these technologies would contribute to a decrease in park-related crimes and guarantee a secure environment for tourists.

In order to develop these smart parks, CDA is also working with institutions to perform research. After this phase, CDA intends to work with significant corporations in partnership.

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